ORGANIZATION The Europe Marathon – Aveiro is organized by the Aveiro City Council and GlobalSport, a commercial brand of GSX Portugal Lda., with the support and involvement of the Regional Tourism Entity of Central Portugal and the Ílhavo City Council.

There will be four races, namely:

  • Marathon – 42.195 km, for participants born in 2004 and previous years
  • Half Marathon – 21.0975 km, for participants born in 2006 and previous years;
  • Mini Marathon – about 10 km, for participants born in 2006 and previous years;
  • Walking, 5 km, aimed at all age groups and non-competitive.

The use of the official event t-shirt during the walk is mandatory. Only duly registered athletes may participate.

It will take place on April 28, 2024, at 08:30 hours.

The events have a time limit of six hours for the marathon, three hours for the half-marathon, one hour and forty minutes for the mini-marathon, and one hour and thirty minutes for the walking.

After the sweep car passes, participants on the course who wish to continue will do so at their own risk and must obey the traffic rules of the Portuguese Highway Code.

Any participant reaching the 25th km of the marathon after 12:15 must hand in their bib, abandoning the race and/or enter the sweep car as it exceeds the fifteen-minute projection to finish the race within the time limit set by the organization for that purpose.

The organization will control the pace of the Walk.

The data entered during registration is the responsibility of the user who will fully answer for the accuracy, truthfulness, and authenticity of the data.

Registrations can be made at:

Registrations are only confirmed after payment. You can obtain your registration receipt by logging into your personal page at > My Account > Completed Registrations and select Europe Marathon – Aveiro.

5.1 – Payment must be made within the deadlines indicated on the registration platform; after this deadline, the organization will not accept event registrations due to non-payment – if you do not pay within the established deadlines, you must reopen the registration at https://events/ and generate new payment references with the price and registration conditions at the date.

5.2 – If you pay after the date indicated in the payment instructions of the registration platform, the respective registrations will be canceled – you will have up to 30 days after registration to request a refund of the amount by sending an email to, a service fee of €10 will be charged for "Registration management expenses".

5.2.1 – Any change of data in the registration made will have an associated cost of €5 and is only possible until March 23, 2024.

5.2.2 – Refunds for canceled registrations are not made at any time.

The transfer of bibs/registrations or sale to third parties is not authorized. The organization will prevent registration in future events of people who proceed in this way, through the identification of the bib used by third parties.



OPENING PROMOTION – 04/28/2023 – 05/27/2023: €34.90 | €17.00 | €14.00 | €7.00 – 05/28/2023 – 08/27/2023: €49.90 | €24.90 | €16.00 | €10.00 – 08/28/2023 – 12/27/2023: €59.90 | €29.90 | €19.00 | €11.00 – 12/28/2023 – 03/27/2024: €69.90 | €34.90 | €15,000.00 | €12.00 – 03/28/2024 – 04/21/2024: €79.90 | €39.90 | €20.00 | €15.00 – Registration in the last week: April 21 to April 27, 2024: €120.00 | €60.00 | €30.00 | €20.00

*Partners who handle registrations at their counters may offer special prices for the events.

**Participants up to 9 years old: €2.00

NOTE: There will be no new registrations on the day of the event.


For collection, the participant must bring the registration confirmation and/or a photo identification document.

In case of stock outage of the requested t-shirt size, an alternative size will be suggested.

The race kit can be collected on dates and at a location to be announced on the event page. The organization will allow race numbers to be picked up on the race day up to half an hour before the start. It will be given exclusively to the holder of the race number upon mandatory presentation of the registration confirmation with the race number in paper or digital format that can be obtained at > My Account > Completed Registrations and select Maratona da Europa – Aveiro.

If you are unable to collect the race number personally, you may send your original registration confirmation by someone else to collect it on the days prior to the race day.

All registered participants are required to write their full name, emergency phone number, and any specific health problem that requires special attention or ongoing treatment on the back of the race number.


Marathon / Half Marathon / 10K

Athletes born in the year 2003 and before for the Marathon and athletes born in the year 2005 and before for the Half Marathon and 10K.

F/M40 (ages between 40 and 44 years);

F/M45 (Ages between 45 and 49 years);

F/M50 (ages between 50 and 54 years);

F/M55 (ages between 55 and 59 years);

F/M60 (ages 60 years and above)

The age group is considered based on the exact age on the day of the race. To constitute an age group, at least three participants of the same gender must be present at the start line. Participants from non-constituted age groups will be integrated into the immediately preceding age group.

Walk – Participants of all ages.


Marathon and Half Marathon:

Every five kilometers and at the finish line

These stations may be changed according to weather conditions.

10K and Walk:

Midpoint and end of the course.


There will be medical teams at the event, along with specialized ambulances, to provide all possible first aid. Continued medical care, if necessary, will be provided by the national health service.

The organization is committed to signing the mandatory sports insurance contract, valid for all non-federated registered participants. If a participant is admitted to a National Health Service institution, they should inform the organization as soon as possible to activate the insurance; there is a risk that the process will not be accepted if this notification is not made in a timely manner. Payment of moderation fees is the participant's responsibility but may be reimbursed by the insurance company if the process meets the necessary requirements.

To manage participants and the flow of people and vehicles along the race course, there will be public order forces, identified volunteers, and organization members to whom full attention and cooperation should be given. Traffic from vehicles not associated with the organization is not allowed. Considering participants' safety, the participation of people with motorized vehicles, bicycles, accompanied by animals, skateboards, rollerblades, or other objects that may jeopardize participants' safety is not allowed, and event security will remove such participants from the race.



The organization provides a wardrobe space at the start/finish line for participants of the Marathon, Half Marathon, and 10K. To collect their belongings, it is mandatory to present their Bib number. It is not recommended to leave VALUABLES and/or fragile objects inside the bags, as the organization is not responsible for any items left in the Wardrobe.


Participants will have showers available at a location and time to be consulted in the event's website information.


Marathon / Half Marathon / 10K

The classifications will be presented on, and may be subject to changes if any non-conformities are found.

Walk: There will be no individual or team classifications.

TIMING The race is timed with an electronic system - "chip", which must be visibly worn on the chest throughout the race to be read.

All participants in the marathon, half-marathon, and mini-marathon must use the chip provided to the athlete, which is personal and non-transferable.

The organization is not responsible for the failure to present results due to the incorrect placement of the chip. Participants who run with another athlete's chip, more than one chip, or miss one of the intermediate controls will be disqualified.


All Marathon, Half Marathon, and 10K participants who finish the race will be entitled to a participation medal.

Individual monetary prizes will be awarded to the participants in the General male and female classification and Veterans M/F40, M/F45, M/F50, M/F55, M/F60 (to be eligible for the age group prizes, there must be 10 or more athletes of the same gender), will be exclusively awarded for the Marathon race.

The general individual marathon classification prizes will be paid only if times are below 2h10:00 for men and 2h30:00 for women. If the times are above, 50% of the indicated value will be paid.

No prizes for the general marathon classification will be paid to men who run more than 2h35:00 and women more than 2h55:00.

The official prize table is on the official event website.

You may claim your prize at, after the final classifications are set. (arising from the results of anti-doping control).

Trophies for the top 3 (three) male and female general classification of the Marathon, Half Marathon, and 10K will be awarded at the podium ceremony. Marathon participants, regardless of the category they belong to, may enjoy the prize corresponding to the position in the General Classification, or Classification of Portuguese, these are not cumulative. The awarded prize will be the one of greater value.

The Marathon and half-marathon prizes must be claimed by the athletes, exclusively, within 30 days after the final classifications. For this purpose, participants have available on the results page a "request prize" form to fill out and send the requested documents – the old 'recibo verde' or single act must be issued to GSX Portugal Ltd with the tax identification number, 514779012. Payment will be made within 30 days after receiving all documents.

The value of the cash prizes awarded will be subject to the current tax law.

The Jury of the race is under the responsibility of the Regional Council of Arbitration of the Athletics Association of Aveiro.


Athletes who:

– Do not perform the departure control;

– Do not complete the entire course;

– Do not wear the bib on the chest visibly during the race;

– Falsify any element related to their registration;

– Run with a bib that does not correspond to the registered name;

– Run over sidewalks;

– Intentionally harm their opponents.

Will be subject to sanction.

Any complaint or protest must be presented in writing, necessarily to the race jury, on-site, within 30 minutes after the results are known, along with a fee of 100 EUROS, which will be refunded if the protest is considered valid.

Participants may be subject to a doping control.


By confirming their registration, the participant declares to acknowledge and accept the present regulations, data protection, and the text of the disclaimer and protection statement. In case of doubt, the decision of the organization shall prevail. Disclaimer and Protection Declaration.

Upon completing their registration, the participant declares the following: "I am in excellent health condition to participate in the Europe Marathon - Aveiro (including the absence of signs and symptoms of Covid-19). I exclude all responsibility from the organization and sponsors or other participating institutions for any accident or injury that I may suffer before, during, and/or after the sports event, hereby waiving any legal action against any of the entities mentioned. During the competition, I will contribute as much as possible with the Organization to avoid personal accidents.

I further authorize the Organization to use photographs, videos, and any other type of audiovisual material in which I may appear for advertising purposes, accepting the publication of my name in the event ranking, in the media and/or internet, without expecting any payment, compensation, or remuneration for this matter." The organization recommends that all participants undergo a medical evaluation before the event. All participants accept the risks arising from the sports activity.

Every participant consents, freely and unconditionally, to the cession of their personal data rights for marketing purposes, and of their image captured in the official recordings and photographs that will take place during the events, consenting to their reproduction in the media of the organization itself or third parties. We inform that the personal data of the participants will be registered in a file, for which the company "GSX Portugal Lda.", located at Rua Delminda Pinto Ribeiro, nº 17 5050-346 Poiares – Peso da Régua, is responsible. The purpose of this file is to manage the personal data of the participants enrolled in the races.

The collected data may be transferred to third parties for marketing purposes. If you wish to exercise your rights of access, opposition, the right to be forgotten, or withdraw your consent, you should do so in writing, proving your identity to the aforementioned address or through the email

The event may be canceled due to factors external to the ORGANIZATION: Natural disasters, strikes, demonstrations, pandemics, inability to use traffic circulation routes, inability to use telecommunications, government restrictions, new legislation. In these cases, the ORGANIZATION reserves the right, within 30 days following the date scheduled for the event, to issue an opinion on the actions to be taken resulting from the severity of the cancellation. There will be no refund.

Cases not covered by these regulations will be resolved in accordance with the General Regulations of Competitions of the Portuguese Athletics Federation.