General Rating *

1st M/F €5000

2nd M/F €3500

3rd M/F €2500

4th M/F €1500

5th M/F €750

* Prizes for the individual general classification in the marathon will only be paid if times of less than 2h14:00 for men and 2h33:00 for women are achieved. In the case of anti-doping control, these athletes will only be able to receive their prize after a negative result.

If the times are longer, 50% of the indicated amount will be paid. No general classification prizes will be paid in the marathon to men who run more than 2h24:00 and to women who run more than 2h40:00

Portuguese General Classification**

1st M/F €1000

2nd M/F €500

3rd M/F €250

4th M/F €200

5th M/F €150

Classification Tiers**

M/F 40

1st M/F €200

2nd M/F €150

3rd M/F €100


1st M/F €150

2nd M/F €100

3rd M/F €50

*According to point 14 of the regulation.

** Prizes awarded only to those registered in the European Marathon – Aveiro

21 Km Awards

Monetary prizes will be awarded to the first five classified in the men's and women's general categories, worth 10% of the Marathon General Classification.